Current Projects


Currently working with the curator of an art gallery for the Izmir Region. Her ties to the origin of NATO Izmir are fascinating and that is captured in her gallery. 

Tasks: data migration, page organization and consulting for web hosting services.


Virginia Grows

Working with a community leader on a non-profit page for project coordination

Tasks: Consulting on web hosting services, Web design, and media editing 


Moonlight Charm Bridal

Working with a bridal company to build a webpage with built-in sales capability. 

Tasks: Consulting, Web design, Logo, branding, media editing and product catalog creation


Fiverr Gig as a Web Design Consultant

Offering services as a consultant for small businesses and their web concerns

Web design/UX project for a growing business that sells organic homemade Soap and other useful products

Tasks: Consulting for webhosting platform features and cost, website organization and generate page and product templates.


Signed up for Dribble account and pursuing web design projects and clients as a freelancer

Personal Blog Page with family and financial advice.

Tasks: Editor-In-Chief, content creation, page organizaiton, and SEO


Digital Prints, Posters, Dad Quotes and other sweet merch

Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Working on growing a footprint of Affiliate Marketing partnerships with successful businesses